Lou Wright

Doodle Director

After completing my design education I worked with design and print agencies in the local area, it’s here where I was able to gain my customer relations and print knowledge. I went on to become creative manager for the BGL Group delivering and directing a variety of high profile creative requirements. In April 2010 I decided to fulfil my ambitions to go freelance and I am now able to push my creative and director skills to a new level.

What am I like outside of work?

I am a bit of a pool shark and I represent the Cambridgeshire ladies county team. I also enjoy going to the movies, I love a good Marvel film. I am also a rugby fan and support the Northampton Saints, attending as many home games as I can.

David Wright

Photography Director

My passion for photography started at the age of 16, however my interest in the world of IT lead me to all things computurised until recently. Photography started to take more presidence from 2004 and after numerous requests for my work, Life in Pictures Ltd was formed.

What am I like outside of work?
I like to try so many things it would be impossible to list them all, I am a huge rugby union supporter and I try to watch the Northampton Saints play as much as possible, I have a keen interest in all things to do with animals, I also like diving and I am slowly working towards a Master Diver qualification. My dream is to dive with Great White sharks in South Africa - without a cage, and live to tell the tale!

Jasper Wright

Senior Happiness Officer

I have an important role in the company; I keep the team happy and make sure they get some fresh air!

Jessie Wright

Junior Happiness Officer

I too have an important role; I shadow Jasper to learn the ropes (as well as play with them), ensuring the team is happy and they all take time out to play!

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