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A bit about Lucy Hancock

March 1, 2014

“Hi my name is Lucy Hancock and I am a competitive ice skater. I started skating at 8 years old. I train 5-6 times a week, sometimes twice a day at Ice Sheffield. I love ice skating and one day I hope to become an Olympic world ice dance champion.

“My coaches names are Kathy & Mark Hanretty, Mark is one of the pro skaters on 'Dancing On Ice'. I do three different elements to my skating; free dancing, pattern dances and field moves.


"Skating is my life, it makes me feel so happy and alive. I love the way I can express myself through dance on ice with the feeling of being free, to me, there is no other feeling in the world like it!


"I believe I have what it takes, through hard work and commitment to represent Great Britain in the Olympics; it is my ultimate dream and it would be an absolute honor to represent my country in the future."



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